Confused about Medicare? You’re not alone.

Medicare is a confusing maze of perplexing choices and complex enrollment restrictions. If you’re going on Medicare in the next 6 months, you should know:

  1. What you must do to get into the Medicare system  (It’s not automatic for everyone)
  2. What choices you must make before Medicare begins  (You’ll have about 50 different plans to choose from)
  3. What to expect after you’re on Medicare  (What’s covered, what’s not and what it will cost)

The more you know, the easier your choices will be.

An uninformed decision could cost you a lot of money.  Medicare alone will not provide you with full medical coverage, so you’re forced to find and purchase additional coverage in the form of a Medicare supplement or an advantage plan. In addition, you are REQUIRED to have a drug plan – even if you don’t take any drugs.

That’s where we come in.  We're licensed with all of the major companies that provide Medicare solutions. That means we provide unbiased advice based on your specific needs, our research and our experience with each of these companies.

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At our Turning 65 Workshops and Webinars we explain how Medicare works.  They are educational only – we're not selling anything – but we will teach you how Medicare works, what you need to do now and how to decide which plans would fit you best. You can register for one of our workshops or webinars here.


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